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The works


The exhibition features a series of contemporary giclee prints that were inspired when Penelope was taking neighbourhood walks during Covid lockdown. Beguiled by the beauty of magnolia blooms bathed in afternoon sun, she took advantage of the opportunity to capture the plants in varying stages of anthesis.


Applying digital manipulation, the delicate floral forms have been abstracted through polarisation and the play of reflected light, being reimagined as enigmatic visual fantasies; a reminder that all living things are in a constant state of flux.


Each print is strictly limited to an edition of eight.


The technique


A giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) print is a high-resolution digital artwork reproduced on a large-format printer using long-lasting pigment-based inks and printed on archival-quality paper.


A giclee print can last at least 100 years without significant fading, longer if not exposed to direct sunlight.

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